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story temporary pulled, in preparation for the roughtrade the mulligan challenge
Of 'tails and trouble is the result of a writing challenge on roughtrade.
It mixes two fandoms, Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice - the theme of the challenge was historical,

My take on it is pushing Harry Potter back into the Pride and Prejudice timeline and making him the heir apparent to Longbourn after Mr. Collins, now I made Mr.Collins die any let the Bennets take custody of a very young Harry Potter.
How will his presence change things? What will it do to the Pride and Prejudice story? How much do the Bennets change, how much will Harry change being under the care of the Bennet family. And how do Darcy and Bingley fit into that?
links defunct, story pulled for the mulligan challenge in April 2017

Postings :
Setting the scene/Part 1http://theladymina.livejournal.com/5396.html
Chapter 1 http://theladymina.livejournal.com/5874.html
Chapter 2 http://theladymina.livejournal.com/6118.html
Chapter 3 http://theladymina.livejournal.com/6237.html
Chapter 4 http://theladymina.livejournal.com/6554.html
Chapter 5 http://theladymina.livejournal.com/6714.html

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Day 2 older history

Posted on 2009.02.18 at 00:32
After a delicious breakfast in the Riverdale House - I do love a full English breakfast - we never needed lunch on this journey, we were on our way again.
New destination Avebury (keeping away from the M's and London it was a trip of about 124 miles). Now I am usually shocked that Avebury (nr Malborough) is not better known. Yes I grant you in some ways Stonehenge is more prominent and fascinating, BUT Avebury has a village in a stonecircle and the added bonus that you are allowed to get near to the stones and can still touch them. - It is traditional for us to visit Avebury when we are in England and apart from a long walk along the stones we always walk up to the West Kennet Long Barrow.

Another fascinating thing about this corner of Wiltshire, is the fact that it has not only a very high concentration of prehistoric and historical monuments and findings it also has a very high amount of crop circles each summmer. The pub where the crop circle crowd turns up each summer is not far from Avebury either - in Honeystreet by Alton Priors a mere 6 Miles from Avebury

Speaking about not far from Avebury, due to the fact that the summer holidays were there our accomodation was not in Avebury but in the village of Poulshot near Devizes- about 10 Miles from Avebury.
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Other things to come in the next few entries : Bath, Bradford, The Barge Inn and the Cropcircles, the West Kenneth Long Barrow, Windmill Hill, Silbury Hill

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England 07

Posted on 2009.02.17 at 22:54
Day 1
The Arrival -
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I wrote something again

Posted on 2006.01.27 at 23:32
So this is a work I 'finished' in class ... well actually I just wrote it in class and it isn't finished yet, but I read it on stage the way it is now, and I am in no mood to work on it right now ...
actually I wanna order the other books of the Southern Vampire series, I gave in to temptation and bought the first book on amazon on wednesday, it arrived today, and uhm I am already through the book and want the next and well actually right now would be nice ...
But I can't, I need to save my money for the trip to London in April. I mean the flight and the hotel are covered, but I still need to buy food (except breakfast), pay for some sightseeing and entrance fees, have some money to buy some of the good twinnings fruit infusion tea ..., and maybe something to be able to spend some money for fun, too.
So no, brain no more books right now .... I nearly emptied my account for the London trip - so no more fancy wishes right now

Back to the original topic
My snapshot of winter

Winter Morning
Waking up in winter always started with a guessing game about the weather. Was it cold enough to freeze? Would she need to free the car from snow or ice? How cold was the bedroom?
Sticking an arm out of the bed started the second ongoing game, a well known game. If the room was cold the arm was under covers again in a second and with a shudder the covers are drawn tightly around the figure in the bed.
No she wouldn't get up and out into the cold!
The next alarm started the second round. 'Eeep' - No definitely not getting up!
The third alarm made it clear that getting up was no longer a mere option but a must.
Jumping up the figure wrapped a large shirt around herself and fled to the warm bathroom. Coming out of the bathroom again; already dressed in jeans and a pullover, the figure yawned and finally looked out of the window starting to curse. Ice on the car, more coldness. Walking into the kitchen she started the next game of time consuming arguments with her better self about getting out of her place in time.
Grumbling she went out, even with gloves she hated this work.
Finally sitting in the car she was shivering. It was cold, she hated the cold.
Why couldn't humans sleep through the winter like Grizzlies ? Nice way of getting through the thrice damned season, much more intelligent than going on like nothing was wrong.
She mentally added Grizzly bear to the list of things she wanted to be in her next life, just behind cat and spoiled dog.

It is not much and by no means polished, but it is a first try and I hope someone has something constructive to say about it ...

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on motivation, ideas, and the lack of books

Posted on 2006.01.07 at 23:53
Still no short-story to show. I don't know why but it just isn't working at all. Nothing works, I haven't updated my fanfics, I rarely update one (or both of )my lj (s), I haven't even read much on the holidays?

Christmas is over and I didn't even get one book. How can it be christmas if no one gives me a book?

The only unread book I had around christmas is the book on stereotype characters for the course (the one I borrowed in the last lesson) - and I read and worked through it now, too.

Still no inspiration, no story, no mood for really sitting down to work on it ... not even a vague idea for a plot anymore .. the ones I had just won't work out for a short story, ... and time is running short again.
Why is my muse so damn picky? I mean I really can not become I writer when I can only write in the right mood. Especially when the right mood is so damn rare.
I want to write, my hopes are to publish fantasy books or adventure/fantasy stories for kids. But with my approach that won't happen.

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gah - my muse is picky

Posted on 2005.12.21 at 23:39
And my stress is having stress - I hate christmas and the pre-christmas stress
I still haven't written the 500-1000 words short story and will look like an idiot tomorrow morning in class because I really have nothing that would work.
My muse was not working with me so I tried for the male prostitute plot that was a prompt in class ... well I wrote a couple of words on it (300-500) and recognized that I was just building background for a longer story or maybe even a book.
I started again and somehow wrote something about the last months trying to use the POV of my best friend ... first of all it's not a short story, secondly damn why and how did I end up with a pov of my best friend when I am trying to write a short story ... wtf ?
I was desperately enough to think about using one of my old stories but none of them would fit, most are fanfic related, a lot longer or shorter or in German.

So the one with the red head and no material tomorrow will be me

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press and stupidity

Posted on 2005.12.08 at 12:45
press and stupidity

I could so throttle the damn press people who write the infos on the new movies
one of the german ones calls Narnia a copy of the Harry potter idea ... lets say something about the lack of information and facts in that statement ... the Narnia idea is copied from Harry Potter? Can you read and research? which book was first? Most definitely not harry potter ...
So how can you write something like that
and why do others write that it's the old idea of the potter series in a bit of a different setting and therefore will be a boring film that will be a flop ?it is fantasy, yeah, and a kids book and magic exists and there is a hidden world ..., and the kids need to safe the place, end of similarities ... so get a clue
I still look forward to the movie and I know that it's not a copy of Harry Potter ...
I mean I can understand putting it in the same pot with LOTR because uhm the writers were friends, started writing their books around the same time, sent parts of the stories in letters to the other and things like that, well and both were filmed in the same regions ... but Potter? uhm no just NO

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So not creative

Posted on 2005.11.29 at 00:53
Or as my best - german - friend would say 'Ich habe ein krea-Tief!'
The antibiotics kill my bloodpressure and make me feel dizzy, the bitter and really icky taste stays for hours, no matter how often I brush my teeth, wash out my mouth, try tic tacs or bubblegum ....
I am happy that I did a version of the story before this shit started.
I am still a bit angry about missing the rest of the movie and paying that much money for seeing barely more than the commercials, by the way, can't they cut down the commercials time? it's never that much at the 'Nachspielkino' in fallersleben ... I prefer that one
I plan to see the Narnia movie as soon as it is out ... even if it does mean that I have to pay for the cinemaxx so soon again.- at least I plan it, maybe I should ask my head before saying more about it.
Hope I am able to fall out of bed tomorrow in time for the Shakespeare course ... could be worse thing than missing a course when I feel dizzy and can't concentrate anyway, but I need to have some left for the wisdom teeth surgery that seems to be rather urgent and for the yearly christmas cold with fever around 40°C ...

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Damn day

Posted on 2005.11.25 at 11:20
So yesterday was really great,
I went out with my dogs and the moment I was inside the house again the big one pooped on the carpet ...
I went out with some people to see serenity and the film looked interesting, but I got a migraine attack and couldn't take all the light and sound and had to go
really nice way to throw your money out of the window, I mean I saw all the advertising thingies, but not more than 30 minutes of the real film,
I went home and the moment I came out of the tram I knew I lost the fight with my stomach, and tossed up my cookies behind a hedge.
Nice way of ending the day, eh?
Went home and to bed, dark, less sounds and being in bed normally helps, even as all the sleep will not make me feel rested because it seems to be needed for killing the migraine.
Nice ending of the day I thought ...
Until I woke an hour later with a toothache that was driving me up the walls ... I took a dentist approved pain medication with some sleep-medication in it - the last one ... from another dental problem last year.
Due to the migraine which makes the stomach and all that really slow ... , it didn't start working before seven in the morning, I slept from seven to nine when someone called me about some uni assignment and then from 9 to 10.45 until I decided I needed to call a dentist to get squeezed in for treatment today, I won't survive another night like that and the pain pill was the last one ...
Will have to wsit until my bf is out of uni to take me there because a)my body hates me right now and I couldn't drive and this dentist is way out and b) my freaking phobia ... I have two phobias that will make my life living hell at a dentist , fear of needles and fear of dentists in general ...
My bloodpressure is down to bad things, partly because of the fear, partly because of the lack of sleep, partly because of the sleeping drug in the pill
Nice day

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Writers block not as cured as I thought it was

Posted on 2005.11.22 at 16:45
I am weird, it seems that I can only write when I am not supposed to write - like in class and a long time after bedtime ...
I mean I wrote the blind pilot story in a course on thursday, I started the slash story in the same course, and tried to write more about it, late at night on the weekend when it was really time to sleep.

I tried working on my stories at other times, but it won't work, I seem to need either some English course before I start writing, or some amount of time chatting with my English-speaking friends, or after some time of reading some story that's written in English.

There were times when I preferred to think in English and dream in English to switching to German.
Now I find it difficult to do a lot in English without feeling insecure and / or searching for something in the dictionary.
It gets on my nerves a lot*sigh
I love English as a language, I love England as a country (and found a nice reasonable priced ferry ;some place near calais to dover;- so I might still get my holidays there next year - honestly around 100€ for a car and up to 5 people- great price - we paid the same amount per person two years ago for a ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle ).
I just love the sound of the language and I just have the feeling that I am only getting worse at using it. I have the feeling I forget all the rules and words and all that and I hate that feeling.

The writers block and some stories that might never get finished are bad enough, the amount of mistakes I still make is worse, and the inability to write makes me wanna scream and bash my head against the wall ...

Well I don't think I'll get another story done today *sigh
Maybe I should start writing the christmas cards for the out - of continent - use

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